The Empowerment Experiment 

How to EE/ Resources/ Partners


Online and on the road:
Here are some of our favorite regional and national sources for finding quality Black businesses, professionals, suppliers, and franchises:

List of Black-owned banks (national)

Black banks by State (provided by Natl Bankers Assn)

Minority Empowerment Directory (provided by Philadelphia Urban League and the African American Chamber of PA, NJ, DE)

Black-owned McDonald's locations (Chicagoland)

Black owned Burger Kings, Auntie Anne's, Pizza Huts (national) (phone app to locate businesses, national) (more inspiration, tips, directories)

List of Black-owned Beauty Products (some available at mass retailers!)

Black-owned chain of BP and Mobil gas stations (Chicago only)




Thank God I'm Natural (gifts for women and girls)

Natl Assn of Black Hotel Owners, Operators, Developers (NABHOOD) 

The Black Bank Initiative

Atlanta Metro Black Chamber of Commerce

Atlanta Business League

Ujamaa Network - Quality Black businesses in Chicago

Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce

San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce

Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce

Kansas City Black Chamber

African American Chamber of Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky

Illinois Black Chamber of Commerce

African American Chamber of PA, NJ, DE

African American Chamber of New Jersey

Toledo African American Chamber

National Black McDonald Owners Association

Black-made Products and Services:
Here are some of our favorite products that are available online.  No excuses.  From fine wine to fine pens, Black entrepreneurs are providing top quality products and need your support!

Industrial Bank (Black-owned bank chain for MD and DC)

Wystone's World Teas and Treats

Jean Escarpeta - Rep for Silpada Silver Jewelry

Pooka Pure and Simple (all natural, award-winning bath and body) (baby, girls', and women's apparel and gear)

This Lil Light of Mine (clothing for girls)

AWNI Collections (Hair weaves, Human hair)

Sweet Honey Child's Boutique (gifts for girls)

Pattycake Doll Company

Sohe Designs (china, home decor, housewares)

Heritage Link Brands (wine)

Harlem Brew (beer)

ICE Supreme (ice cream, available in Whole Foods in GA, AL, NC, SC, TN)

JTE Spirits (cognacs)

Jewelry from Silpada - Jean Escarpeta (Independent Rep)

S&S Bedding (Comforters, Sheets, Bedroom Decor)

Stivers Coffee

Soul Purpose (bath and body)

Best Pies

Real Men Cook Products (like Sweet Potato Pie Kit)

It's Hip Hop Baby (like Baby Einstein, educational DVDs)

Aunt Olas Cookies and Cakes

HIM Fragrance Group (Men's cologne)

iwiFresh Gourmet Skincare

Charlie's Brownies

Big Girl Cosmetics

TT Patton Fine Pens & Stationary

Sean John (mens, boys apparel)

Cowries Cards (e-cards, evites)

Gifts from Deez Hands (housewares, home decor)



EE is building its national directory of top quality Black businesses, products and professionals, which will include mainstream corporate partners that do business with Black firms and professionals (e.g. New York Life agents, McDonald's owners, South Coast Paper, which is a Black-owned company you can support when you go to Office Max).  EE is not just a directory.   EE is a movement - a nation of consumers, investors, corporations, partners  and entrepreneurs who are uniting to prove that the Black community can be improved if more Americans were to support Black businesses, products and professionals.  As a quality Black business owner or professional, or as a corporation with Black firms in your supply chain, YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS.  Sign up so we can start directing the EE Nation to you and you can do your part to create a better financial future in the African American community and more job growth in America. For more on our national campaign to make that happen, click here.

If you ready to start converting your buying power into economic power,  please register now.  We are putting together the infrastructure for a smart and sophisticated campaign, with the tools, databases and support you need to get your EE on.  For more on our national campaign to support quality Black businesses, click here.


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You cannot EE by just searching web directories. EE is partnering with the national organizations that work hard everyday to lift up quality Black businesses. They know where the businesses are. They know where the Black gas stations, grocers, banks, convenience stores, clothing stores, publications and franchises are. They can point you to the best professionals, Black-made products and suppliers.

EE Partners all have local chapters in your city that want want to help you EE. Contact them now for help finding Black businesses and professionals. Tell them EE sent you!

The United States Black Chamber of Commerce (USBC

The USBC unites with EE to generate wealth and economic development for African Americans by fighting for increased business success, opportunity, and influence of Black entrepreneurs. It provides committed and visionary leadership and advocacy in the realization of economic empowerment through the creation of resources and initiatives to support African American Chambers of Commerce and business organizations in their work of developing and growing Black enterprises.

FraserNet PowerNetworking Conference

George Fraser unites the best and brightest Black professionals and entrepreneurs. FraserNet is built on the belief that if Black business would work together, we'd all be successful. Frasernet's networking and business/network enhancing tools include the SuccessNet Series, the PowerChats, and the Exclusive Vendor Network.

National Association of Market Developers
NAMD is dedicated to servicing and uplifting Black professionals and entrepreneurs; and be the leading source of information and advocacy for the Black consumer. They provided Dr. King with the statistics he used when he began to tell us to put our money in Black banks. And if you are a marketing professional or entrepreneur, join NAMD today.

National African American Insurance Association
Black insurance professionals help Black families plan for, create and transfer intergenerational wealth. And our insurance agents are business owners, even if they sell products from mainstream firms. It is very important and easy to seek and support Black insurance agents. NAAIA advocates for the professional advancement of thousands of Black insurance industry entrepreneurs. If you are in the insurance industry, join NAAIA today.  And if you are looking for agents, contact your local NAAIA chapter.

The $50 Billion Empowerment Plan - 1100 African American New York Life Agents!
Too many of us don't have life insurance! We have to invest in ourselves, then our businesses. Life insurance is guaranteed, transferable wealth, that can be used to invest in and recycle more wealth.  My friend Eugene Mitchell, who heads up the African American Market Unit at New York Life, backed by over 1100 top quality Black insurance agents, has made a public pledge in honor of Dr. King's dream to financially empower 1000 African American families and generate $50 Billion of African American wealth.  Go to to see how we plan to do it!

I always say that all of us should support our African American insurance professionals... that every Black family should have a Black agent and/or advisor. What an easy way to get your EE on! This is not about NY Life. This is about those 1100 agents we can support, those families who can be financially secure with their help. Just click here and find your African American life insurance agent today!



Many of you have been reaching out to us asking us where to find quality Black businesses, and which corporations are engaging Black professionals, vendors, suppliers, and have the most Black agents and franchises.  We are definitely building a national directory of quality Black-owned businesses and the corporations that are doing business with them.  It will be featured at!

However, we have not built the infrastructure and have not acquired the technology to convert that information into a reliable, national, user-friendly directory with the mechanism to enable you to report your spend and experiences supporting Black businesses.  This data is critical to the EE Foundation's research in self-help economics.  We are raising money to do that right now.  Our family cannot do that alone.

In our pledge, we learned a great deal about searching for Black businesses online.  We want to make sure our businesses are verified, qualified, and that your search experience is fruitful and pleasant. 

We also seek to be able to document your EE experience - from the seeking to supporting - as that information will feed our research and educational programming on self-help economics.  Together, we can prove why everyone needs to support Black businesses.  Together, we can show the world that Black businesses, products and talent are just as good as everyone else's.  Together, we will showcase our cumulative spend with Black business so we can show the power of the Black consumer dollar. 

We can do all that.  We will do all that.  But we will do this right and smart, or not at all. 

With your support, very soon we will have a system in place
for everyone to make their pledges to support quality Black businesses, suppliers, franchises, and agents; a searchable, reliable, state-of-the-art directory; and tools to help you facilitate your pledge.  Your toolkit will also include a local resource you can call on to help you get your EE on everyday! If you want to make a pledge or you want to be in that directory, sign up now!